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3,5 h long duration;

5 different camera all around the snooker table;

Full HD quality;

4 sections with the separated lessons;

Training methodology for the every lesson;

Snooker overall technique cheklist (71 points);

Snooker aiming checlist;

Bridge Hand checlist;

Grip checlist 


Finally we released our brand new snooker video course  "SNOOKER BASICS. Stance. Aiming. Cue action."

The most important key to have success in snooker is to have solid basics. As you know without roots tree can’t grow.


“Snooker Basics” video course will help you solve and answers all question to your biggest snooker technical problems and take your snooker game to another level!


What will you see and learn in the “Snooker Basics” video course?


Overall technique – (Bridge hand, grip, stance, address position, rest play most important basics)

Aiming principles – (Shot approach, sighting, potting angles)

Cue Action ( Feathers, pauses, last backswing, cue delivery)

Cue ball control (Cue ball control basics, cue delivery speed control)


What kind results you can expect practicing using our training methodology?


Smooth and silky overall technique and cue action – In time, you will develop a perfect snooker technique, like a top snooker professionals in the world. You will have rock solid snooker stance, Robin Hood address position, Rolls Royce cue action.


With this technique it is very easy improve your game efficient and fast!


Perfect Aiming and potting skills – You will recognize potting eagles without any effort and pot most difficult shots from all angles all around the table!


Cue Ball Control Mastery – With the correct snooker knowledge cue ball control will be effortless for you. No more guess work!


Now How Snooker Training Program – Step by step snooker training methodology will help you better follow your snooker progress, improve consistency in your game, and create great positive habits which will help you achieve your biggest goals and dreams!


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